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Common Car Service Diagnostics and Adjustments

Common Car Repair

Technicians at our Ann Arbor Suburban Chrysler Jeep dealership accurately and efficiently diagnose problems with your vehicle. Issues with the electronic control unit (ECU) in particular can harm car control. Common ECU issues lead to poor car performance and decline in fuel economy. Suburban, Chrysler, and Jeep vehicle diagnostics are our specialty.

What is the ECU?

The electronic control unit is like the brain behind the car. The unit controls the actuators of an internal combustion engine to keep the car running at top performance. Actuators start and stop the engine. The ECU controls emissions, protects the engine, and more.

The unit reads values off motor sensors, interprets the data it receives using mapping software, and then adjusts the actuators accordingly. Our technicians understand how to read and respond to ECU data in order to assess the heart of the electrical problem. It is as simple as calling our dealership to make a service appointment.

Suburban, Chrysler and Jeep Diagnostics

Our technicians understand that the types and number of ECU units vary by car model. Our experts have the experience and training to read your car’s ECU data accurately and diagnose the electrical problem, based on specialty codes.

A faulty ECU is a common issue and may be the root of your car problems. If your vehicle’s check engine light comes on several times or never shuts off, a faulty unit may be the cause. Our experts will check the unit safely for you.

When your car does not start, and you have no clear explanation as to why, an ECU issue may be the source of the problem. When the car battery and starter both work yet you still cannot turn on the vehicle, bring it to our dealership for a performance check.

Poor car performance often indicates that a servicing is due. Examples of poor performance are a decline in fuel economy and jerking of your car as you change gears. Perhaps your car has a difficulty turning or performing other actions than it did a few years ago.

Vehicle Servicing

At the Suburban Chrysler Jeep dealership in Ann Arbor, we react quickly to ECU problems. After our technicians perform the service diagnostics, they adjust the unit and related parts to make your car more responsive to your demands. We optimize your car’s performance to increase your driving pleasure. Call or come see us today.