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Get Your Engine Oil and Filter Change

Oil Change

If burning out your engine on the highway isn’t a clue, the little oil can or “Maintenance required” light in your dashboard will certainly do the trick.

Engine oil and filter changes are no laughing matter, and they should be a like-clockwork task if you want to keep your car on the road. At Suburban Chrysler Jeep of Ann Arbor, your engine oil change tips and maintenance tricks are in good hands.

Why get an oil change?
Oil is an important component of your vehicle’s engine, helping lubricate it so it works like a well-oiled machine, as the saying goes. The lubrication helps prevent the harsh metals of the engine from dangerous friction, which can wreak havoc if it’s not oiled properly.

When oil gets old – and you can tell by checking your dipstick under the hood – it can become sludge-like, and it loses its smooth surface that protects the engine. Oil changes help keep the fluid clean, so your engine stays safe. Stay up-to-date on your maintenance and help protect your vehicle from overheating.

How often should you have an engine oil change?
Oil changes are available everywhere, from your local, private mechanic to super big-box stores. They’re convenient to get because they’re a maintenance requirement for almost all vehicles, but depending on what you drive, your oil changes might change.

The standard engine oil and filter change occurs around every 3,000 miles, but with advances in auto technology and efficiency, some can go to 5,000 miles without changing. The important thing for drivers is to check your owner’s manual for maintenance guidelines. Keep in mind, too, that hot weather and frequent, short trips can drain on your oil life and gas mileage, making your vehicle work harder. But remember, your car’s oil change deadline might depend on the oil you use.

What kinds of oils are available?
Conventional engine oil is recommended for change every 3,000 miles. Conventional oil is often more affordable than synthetic, but your 3 months / 3,000 mile mark comes up pretty quick, especially if you do a lot of driving. Synthetic oil, on the other hand, can bide you more time.

Some synthetic oil can allow up to 7,000 miles between changes. Don’t wait for the “Change oil” light to come on, or your car to be smoking on the side of the road. Take a tip from Suburban Chrysler Jeep of Ann Arbor for your engine oil change to be done right, on time and regularly.