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Teaching Proper Car Care to Back-to-School Teens

Teen Driver Car Care

With the summer on the downswing and driving-age high school and college kids going back to school, student’s to-do lists are packed with tasks. However, as the back-to-school pattern sets in, we at Suburban Chrysler Jeep of Ann Arbor want to remind parents there is one more thing teenage students need to prepare for: their cars.

Drivers of all ages should know how to properly maintain their vehicles and how to handle any issues that should arise while they are on the road.Whether they are en route to a school that is only a few miles away, they are in college a couple hours or more away, or they are off with friends for the weekend a few towns over, teenagers should be well-versed in how to respond to several common problems that can affect any driver at any time.

After all, if they’re old enough to drive cars, you’d like them old enough to handle minor issues on their own instead of always calling mom and dad.

Avoiding minor—but expensive—road hazards

Perhaps the biggest preventable issue to affect drivers is knocking their vehicle out of alignment. From bouncing over a deep pothole or going to quickly over a speed bump to accidentally brushing up against a steep curb or sideswiping an inanimate object, it only takes a moment to throw a vehicle’s alignment off track and cause wear and tear on tires in all the wrong places.

Teaching teenagers how to avoid this issue by keeping a close eye on the road and the space their vehicle is traveling in will save them, a lot of trouble—and a considerable amount of cash—in the long run.

Listen to your car

A poorly maintained brake system can also cause serious harm if left unchecked. A squeaking sound coming from your brakes usually means worn brake pads. Once the noise begins, it’s wise to replace them as soon as possible.

Treat your tires well

Four new tires can cost nearly as much as a month’s rent or part of the tuition for a college class. So it is best to make yours last as long as possible. Your teen can try to avoid excessive wear and tear on the tires. If they frequently drive too fast and then have to slam on the brakes to stop, they are wearing out the tire treads much more quickly.

It’s important to warn your teen of such dangers and encourage them to check their tires on a regular basis for any indication of an issue. Show them how to do the quick penny test. Tires with worn treads are especially dangerous in rainy or snowy conditions, which they are likely to see a lot of in Ann Arbor.

To ensure your teenager’s car is safe to hit the streets, stop by Suburban Chrysler Jeep of Ann Arbor today to have it checked out thoroughly before the school year starts this season.