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Chrysler Puts Laser Focus on Airbag Safety

Chrysler Airbag Safety

Since 1988, when Chrysler was the first in the United States to make airbags standard equipment on several of its automobiles, the car manufacturer has made safe airbag technology a priority.

Here at Suburban Chrysler Jeep of Ann Arbor, we’re happy to report on the latest news when it comes to Chrysler airbags.

Leading the pack with airbag deployment

History shows that Chrysler has been ahead of the pack—and the federal regulations—in airbag deployment. In 1991, all Chrysler minivans came with driver’s side front airbags. In 1992, Chrysler’s Jeep Grand Cherokee was the first SUV to come with airbags. Chrysler was the first to provide driver and passenger front airbags as standard equipment on the Dodge Intrepid, Eagle Vision, and Chrysler Concorde sedans.

By April 1993, four million airbag-equipped Chrysler vehicles had rolled off the company’s assembly line. In October of that year, the Dodge Ram became the first pickup truck to come with standard driver’s side airbags.

Today, multistage front airbags along with supplemental side curtain airbags are standard equipment on most Chrysler vehicles. With the rapid development of airbag technology and a commitment to development, Chrysler continues to improve safety for customers.

Advancement of airbag technology

The first airbags for automobiles were embedded in the steering wheel, preventing many fatalities in head-on collisions when combined with proper seating and securely fastened seat belts. Due to their success, new airbag designs have been developed to better protect occupants from harm during other types of collisions, as well.

Today, airbag technologies use advanced electronics to tailor airbag deployment to such factors as the severity of the crash, the build and posture of the occupant and the distance the occupant is from the airbag system. Multistage inflators can deploy airbags at different levels of force, while sensors in the seats can detect information about the occupants.

The software for these systems is highly complex. But as the company has proven yet again with the voluntary recall of several 2013 minivans to correct a glitch in their side airbag-controlling software, Chrysler is dedicated to improving airbag technology—and always puts customer safety first.

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If you have any questions or concerns about airbag safety in your vehicle, please contact us or come by Suburban Chrysler Jeep of Ann Arbor. When it comes to safety or any other features of your favorite Chrysler vehicles, we’re more than happy to help out.


Chrysler’s 300C John Varvatos Limited Edition: Challenge Your Mindset


At Suburban Chrysler Jeep, we love innovation and new concepts as much as you do. Today, take a look at something really special. The fresh translation of the Chrysler 300C—the John Varvatos Limited Edition—challenges you to think differently. You’ll have a whole new outlook on the materials, finishes, leather, trims, and the whole concept of a vehicle’s design.

A tad hard core

Hard core doesn’t have to mean earsplitting, cacophonic music. One glance at the Chrysler 300C John Varvatos Limited Edition, and you’ll know what hard core really means. Obstinate and uncompromising, John Varvatos is a pretty tough customer. When Chrysler asked him to lend his aesthetic to a truly unique Limited Edition, he enthusiastically jumped at the idea. What came from the collaboration? You have to see it to believe it.

Redefined refinement

If you’ve ever admired the luxury of a high-end vehicle before, you’re about to be blown away. Why should fashion, unmitigated quality and novel approaches refer to what’s in our closets and not what’s in our driveway? With the Chrysler 300C John Varvatos Limited Edition, you can fly in the face of convention without sacrificing an ounce of what you love in our Chrysler vehicles.

Urban, gritty style

The tough-looking Limited Edition is a flashy looker and a great addition to our 300 lineup. Phantom Black paint gives the exterior trim, badging, window trim, side mirror caps, dual exhaust finishers and grille a minimal contrast titanium appearance.

This exterior is no drive-by

The front bumper fascia of this Limited Edition 300C is striking and a tad sinister. It resembles the SRT8 bumper on steroids. If wheels are your thing—and aren’t they everyone’s thing?—you’ll get a set of 30-inch wheels with filamentous spokes that are sure to trap your gaze. Pop on dark-tinted taillights, and the entire package of exterior modifications is an absolute show-stopper.

The interior has the Varvatos touch

If you know John Varvatos, and even if you don’t, he is one heck of a menswear designer. His edgy look and rock-and-roll attitude positively exude coolness. The interior of the Chrysler 300C John Varvatos Limited Edition has Varvatos written all over it. Layers of tone-on-tone greys and black give a depth and dimension never seen before on a car. Metallic-flaked, pewter-toned napa leather? Yeah, we got that, along with Poltrona Frau leather accents. And it’s all put together with John Varvatos’ signature, runway-quality stitching. Boom goes the dynamite!

Come see for yourself at Suburban Chrysler Jeep in Ann Arbor.


Chrysler 200 is IIHS’s Top Safety Pick

Chrysler 200At Suburban Chrysler, we are thrilled to let car buyers know that the Chrysler 200 sedan has won Top Safety Pick honors from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. This important award recognizes vehicles that offer “superior crash protection.”

The 200 sedan is one of just 13 vehicles to earn the award this year. It is subjected to several safety tests, including a new driver-side crash test in which a quarter of the car’s front end collides with a 5-foot-tall barrier.

What’s so safe about the 200 sedan, other than its overall ability to win this Top Safety Pick award?

A host of things. The Chrysler 200 sedan has:

  • Front active head restraints that move forward and upward during a rear-end collision. This leaves less room for the driver’s or passenger’s head to whip back and forth against the head rest.
  • High-strength steel as the foundation for its body and frame.
  • A specially designed safety cage created with crumple zones in the front and back to redirect crash energy away from occupants.
  • Multistage airbags in the front that use only the force needed to protect passengers, depending on the severity of the crash.
  • Side-curtain airbags that offer protection in side-impact crashes or rollovers.

While it doesn’t protect passengers, the theft deterrent included in the Chrysler 200 sedan does protect your car against unauthorized operation—thanks to a Sentry Key that allows the engine to start only with a properly encoded key—and lets you know about attempted theft. The doors, trunk and ignition are protected against unauthorized entry.

Of course, the Chrysler 200 sedan has a 100,000-mile limited powertrain warranty. The starting MSRP is $18,995.

Come on by Suburban Chrysler to take a peek at our award-winning, safety-conscious Chrysler 200 sedan.


Suburban Chrysler Features New 9-speed Automatic Transmission

Komo_transmission warehouse

Modern car manufacturers are always looking for ways to improve the efficiency of production cars. As gas costs increase, drivers want to know they are getting as much from every gallon as possible. Here at Suburban Chrysler Jeep of Ann Arbor, we’re excited by the announcement from the Chrysler Group that there will be three new models in 2013, all of which will have a new 9-speed transmission.

Buyers here in Michigan will see up to 200,000 cars on sale this year featuring the new performance-beating transmission. The new Jeep Liberty will be the first to go on sale with this new feature, followed by the 200 midsize sedan and the new Dodge Dart. That’s great news for buyers.

The new Jeep Cherokee will debut at the 2013 New York Auto Show, with production sales to follow. The Liberty will switch to a new front-drive platform, like the Fiat 500L. In the Dodge Dart, the new 9-speed transmission will be an option, along with other manual and automatic transmissions.

You can get different things from different car transmissions. With the 9-speed’s shorter, easier shift changes, the whole system uses less fuel, which means that drivers can see a real difference in the car’s fuel consumption. While a 9-speed transmission might seem too much for the average driver, real car lovers or people who want to cover a lot of miles will find this makes a real difference.

You can see these cars on sale later in 2013. If you are psyched about the idea of a 9-speed transmission, come see us at Suburban Chrysler Jeep of Ann Arbor so that we can get you in line for a test drive.

2013 Chrysler Town & Country

2013 Chrysler TownWould you like to take your family on a road trip adventure in comfort and style? Suburban Chrysler Jeep of Ann Arbor has just the vehicle for you: The 2013 Chrysler Town & Country.

Besides a highly refined engine, six-speed transmission, best-in-class horsepower and great fuel economy (17 mpg in the city, 25 highway), this minivan offers excellent steering and braking control and responsive, stable handling.

An optional safety and security package provides 42 features geared toward further control, offering alerts to potential hazards, blind-spot monitoring, intelligent headlamps and rain-sensitive wipers. Other safety features include complex, high-performing airbag systems in multiple locations, a reinforced roof and active head restraints that move to protect the head and neck in the event of impact.

Standing outside, you’ll be impressed by this car’s smooth lines and fold-able roof rack, which carries up to 150 pounds of cargo when upright and enhances aerodynamics (not to mention cuts down on the wind noise) when folded down. No more struggling with heavy doors—this car features power sliding doors and power lift-gate, which flash hazard lights upon opening to let people know passengers are exiting, and won’t close if an obstacle is in the way.

2013 Chrysler Town & Country Inside, not only will you ride in comfort in seats with firm, luxurious cushions, but you won’t have to worry about wearing out the fabric, which is highly durable. The Stow ‘n’ Go seats have proven highly popular with families, who can turn a seven-seat setup into two seats with one touch and store items in concealed in-floor bins.

Individual LED passenger reading lamps are designed to allow kids to flip through pages without causing windshield glare for Mom or Dad up in the front seat.

2013 Chrysler Town & CountryAnd now coming standard with this vehicle is a Blu-Ray player with two nine-inch, new VGA high-resolution screens flipping down from the overhead console, allowing kids to watch multiple movies or play multiple games in the relaxing glow of LED Blue Sapphire halo lighting from the overhead rail.

All in all, this is the ideal vehicle to keep your kids entertained and safe, and make things a little easier on you–the driver, as you hit the road this year.