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Highlights of the 2013 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 10th Anniversary Edition

2013 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 10th Anniversary Edition

Suburban Chrysler Jeep of Ann Arbor is pleased to be able to show you the 2013 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 10th Anniversary Edition. This is the Wrangler that will thrill the hard-core off-roaders, Jeep fans and skeptics. This edition of Rubicon goes beyond the regular Rubicon—it’s tricked out to the max. Here are just a few of the many highlights that will have you zooming up and down Ann Arbor terrain and beyond.

Rock-Track® 4WD System

For serious rock climbing in 4LO, you will be amazed at the legendary Jeep four-wheel drive system that electronically locks differentials and front sway-bar disconnect for perfection in off-road capability. It will make every driver look like a rock warrior.

BF Goodrich® KM2 Tires

The 10th Anniversary Rubicon comes standard with ground-ripping 265/70R17 BFGoodrich®KM2 tires. These assertive tires have a wider footprint that magnetizes the vehicle to the ground. Their aggressive tread pattern can tear up any terrain.

Amped-up Exterior

The Jeep Rubicon 10th Anniversary Edition looks like no other Jeep on or off the road. The all-new hood has impressive but functional venting and drainage. The polished face, medium-gloss black wheels and deep-tint windows give off a tough, slightly sinister appearance that lets the road know who is boss.

Flashy Details

Jeeps are not normally known for snazzy accessories and fashion-forward details. That is all over now. This iteration Rubicon lets you be tough and a little racy at the same time. Note the sexy, red front bumpers with fog lamps; removable end caps and winch capability; red front and rear dual tow hooks; and a rear bumper with spare-tire capabilities.

Interior Uptick

The interior looks more like a Euro racecar than a utilitarian, general-purpose vehicle. The black dash and black leather-wrapped steering wheel with hot-looking Quick Silver accents contrast nicely with the heated red leather seats embroidered with the Rubicon 10th Anniversary detail.

An identifying dash plaque with the Rubicon 4×4 tech specs, badged IP grab bar and the new electro chromatic rear-view mirror with LED lamps offer a luxurious touch. Ready to talk more about the Jeep Rubicon? Come on in to Suburban Chrysler Jeep of Ann Arbor.


Teaching Proper Car Care to Back-to-School Teens

Teen Driver Car Care

With the summer on the downswing and driving-age high school and college kids going back to school, student’s to-do lists are packed with tasks. However, as the back-to-school pattern sets in, we at Suburban Chrysler Jeep of Ann Arbor want to remind parents there is one more thing teenage students need to prepare for: their cars.

Drivers of all ages should know how to properly maintain their vehicles and how to handle any issues that should arise while they are on the road.Whether they are en route to a school that is only a few miles away, they are in college a couple hours or more away, or they are off with friends for the weekend a few towns over, teenagers should be well-versed in how to respond to several common problems that can affect any driver at any time.

After all, if they’re old enough to drive cars, you’d like them old enough to handle minor issues on their own instead of always calling mom and dad.

Avoiding minor—but expensive—road hazards

Perhaps the biggest preventable issue to affect drivers is knocking their vehicle out of alignment. From bouncing over a deep pothole or going to quickly over a speed bump to accidentally brushing up against a steep curb or sideswiping an inanimate object, it only takes a moment to throw a vehicle’s alignment off track and cause wear and tear on tires in all the wrong places.

Teaching teenagers how to avoid this issue by keeping a close eye on the road and the space their vehicle is traveling in will save them, a lot of trouble—and a considerable amount of cash—in the long run.

Listen to your car

A poorly maintained brake system can also cause serious harm if left unchecked. A squeaking sound coming from your brakes usually means worn brake pads. Once the noise begins, it’s wise to replace them as soon as possible.

Treat your tires well

Four new tires can cost nearly as much as a month’s rent or part of the tuition for a college class. So it is best to make yours last as long as possible. Your teen can try to avoid excessive wear and tear on the tires. If they frequently drive too fast and then have to slam on the brakes to stop, they are wearing out the tire treads much more quickly.

It’s important to warn your teen of such dangers and encourage them to check their tires on a regular basis for any indication of an issue. Show them how to do the quick penny test. Tires with worn treads are especially dangerous in rainy or snowy conditions, which they are likely to see a lot of in Ann Arbor.

To ensure your teenager’s car is safe to hit the streets, stop by Suburban Chrysler Jeep of Ann Arbor today to have it checked out thoroughly before the school year starts this season.

Stop by the Last Day Dog Rescue Adoption Event in Ann Arbor

Dog Adoption Ann Arbor


We are dog lovers at Suburban Chrysler Jeep of Ann Arbor, which makes supporting animal welfare organizations a no-brainer. You can do the same by attending the Last Day Dog Rescue Adoption Event in Ann Arbor on Sept. 14. The event will run from noon to 3 p.m. at PetCo at 3537 Washtenaw Ave.

You will be able to meet dogs available for adoption and learn more about the group. Last Day Dog Rescue chooses dogs off the “urgent” list from shelters and pounds across Lower Michigan and throughout Ohio. It focuses first on those due to be euthanize by gas or sold to research labs. From there, the animals go into foster homes to await adoption, as the group does not have a physical shelter.

Even if you are not able to offer a forever home to one of the animals available through Last Day Dog Rescue, consider stopping by to learn more about volunteer opportunities or to make a donation. Money and time are always welcome, and the group has a wish list of items it needs to continue its efforts, including:
• Pet food and treats
• Food canisters and bins
• Toys
• Grooming supplies, such as shampoo, conditioner, nail trimmers, ear cleaner and brushes
• Crates and travel carriers
• Collars and leashes
• Outdoor kennels and runs
• Dietary supplements and medications
• Dog beds and blankets
• Newspapers
• Pet-safe cleaning products
• Storage
• Office supplies, such as video and digital cameras
• Gift cards to pet and office supply stores
If you do end up making a furry addition to your family at Last Day Dog Rescue Adoption Event in Ann Arbor, please stop by Suburban Chrysler Jeep of Ann Arbor and tell us all about it. We would love to meet your new pup, too! If you find that your current vehicle just does not have enough room for all of the humans and dogs in your family, we can show you our dog-friendliest models while you are here.

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Offers New Features

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SrtIf you’re in the market for an SUV that performs more like a sports car, pay a visit to Suburban Chrysler Jeep of Ann Arbor and check out the forthcoming 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT.

This newly minted version of the Cherokee still has all the features you loved in the older versions, but it also has some newer design and performance features that make this vehicle a stand out.

More get-up-and-go

The 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT accelerates faster than earlier models and has more towing capacity—7,200, versus 5,000 pounds—thanks to a modified gear box, according to

It also features Eco mode, which allows the engine to selectively shut down four of the cylinders when the engine is cruising along without much resistance. This improves fuel economy and can ultimately save on gas. That means more money in your pocket—plus, it’s also good for the environment.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT has a 6.4 L Hemi® SRT V8 engine and authentic four-wheel drive. Car and Driver tests saw it accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 13.7 seconds.

The engine has been upgraded from a five-speed automatic transmission to a ZF 8HP70 eight-speed transmission. The vehicle also features stability control, four-wheel antilock disc brakes and all-speed traction control.

Stylin’ changes

Jeep has also made some cosmetic improvements to this version of the Cherokee, among them a newly styled liftgate and headlights, a heated steering wheel and new interior leather colors—all of which create a sleek and sporty design.

The 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT also displays performance data in the cabin, so you can tell how fast you’re accelerating, see braking distances, G-forces, and even half- or quarter-mile race times.

This is a vehicle that can handle whatever challenges you throw at it and still look great doing it. Pay us a visit at Suburban Chrysler Jeep of Ann Arbor to get more details about the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT today.


Get Your Engine Oil and Filter Change

Oil Change

If burning out your engine on the highway isn’t a clue, the little oil can or “Maintenance required” light in your dashboard will certainly do the trick.

Engine oil and filter changes are no laughing matter, and they should be a like-clockwork task if you want to keep your car on the road. At Suburban Chrysler Jeep of Ann Arbor, your engine oil change tips and maintenance tricks are in good hands.

Why get an oil change?
Oil is an important component of your vehicle’s engine, helping lubricate it so it works like a well-oiled machine, as the saying goes. The lubrication helps prevent the harsh metals of the engine from dangerous friction, which can wreak havoc if it’s not oiled properly.

When oil gets old – and you can tell by checking your dipstick under the hood – it can become sludge-like, and it loses its smooth surface that protects the engine. Oil changes help keep the fluid clean, so your engine stays safe. Stay up-to-date on your maintenance and help protect your vehicle from overheating.

How often should you have an engine oil change?
Oil changes are available everywhere, from your local, private mechanic to super big-box stores. They’re convenient to get because they’re a maintenance requirement for almost all vehicles, but depending on what you drive, your oil changes might change.

The standard engine oil and filter change occurs around every 3,000 miles, but with advances in auto technology and efficiency, some can go to 5,000 miles without changing. The important thing for drivers is to check your owner’s manual for maintenance guidelines. Keep in mind, too, that hot weather and frequent, short trips can drain on your oil life and gas mileage, making your vehicle work harder. But remember, your car’s oil change deadline might depend on the oil you use.

What kinds of oils are available?
Conventional engine oil is recommended for change every 3,000 miles. Conventional oil is often more affordable than synthetic, but your 3 months / 3,000 mile mark comes up pretty quick, especially if you do a lot of driving. Synthetic oil, on the other hand, can bide you more time.

Some synthetic oil can allow up to 7,000 miles between changes. Don’t wait for the “Change oil” light to come on, or your car to be smoking on the side of the road. Take a tip from Suburban Chrysler Jeep of Ann Arbor for your engine oil change to be done right, on time and regularly.


2014 Jeep Cherokee Has Plenty of Room to Roam

2014 Jeep CherokeeThe weather is warming up, making this the perfect time to venture outdoors and get on the road – and off it.

Swing by to see us at Suburban Chrysler Jeep of Ann Arbor, and check out the 2014 Jeep Cherokee, which is not only off-road-ready, but also has Trail Rated 4×4 capability that has been recognized as among the best in its class.

This Jeep will give you 271 HP, a great level of power to send you roaring on your way. It will give you a respectable level of fuel efficiency, offering up to 31 mpg on the highway.

Above all, this vehicle will give you the ride of your life. With 18-inch polished painted aluminum wheels and all-season tires, this vehicle has a certain rugged strength, but its sleek lines give it grace and visual appeal that allow it to fit right into more urban settings.

On the inside, high-quality materials convey the impression of luxury, while the carefully hand-crafted shapes reveal exactly how much love has gone into the creation of this vehicle.

The 2014 Jeep Cherokee we have in Ann Arbor offers a lot of leg room and extra storage room, as well as a cargo management system with hooks and removable grocery bag. From storage space hidden under the passenger seat to the covered top bin on top of the instrument panel, this isn’t your typical approach to storage. The Cherokee gets creative with the use of space.

With all this luxury, you may worry about feeling like you’re trapped indoors. This isn’t the case. The  2014 Jeep Cherokee comes with a Sky Slider open-air sunroof that fully retracts to show the open sky to both front and rear passengers. This is an industry-exclusive feature.

Finally, enjoy three top-quality 4×4 systems that will enable you to switch into Active Drive with low-range to drive over rough surfaces such as rocks, go into neutral so you can pull it along behind your RV on your way to a great vacation.


Suburban Chrysler Features New 9-speed Automatic Transmission

Komo_transmission warehouse

Modern car manufacturers are always looking for ways to improve the efficiency of production cars. As gas costs increase, drivers want to know they are getting as much from every gallon as possible. Here at Suburban Chrysler Jeep of Ann Arbor, we’re excited by the announcement from the Chrysler Group that there will be three new models in 2013, all of which will have a new 9-speed transmission.

Buyers here in Michigan will see up to 200,000 cars on sale this year featuring the new performance-beating transmission. The new Jeep Liberty will be the first to go on sale with this new feature, followed by the 200 midsize sedan and the new Dodge Dart. That’s great news for buyers.

The new Jeep Cherokee will debut at the 2013 New York Auto Show, with production sales to follow. The Liberty will switch to a new front-drive platform, like the Fiat 500L. In the Dodge Dart, the new 9-speed transmission will be an option, along with other manual and automatic transmissions.

You can get different things from different car transmissions. With the 9-speed’s shorter, easier shift changes, the whole system uses less fuel, which means that drivers can see a real difference in the car’s fuel consumption. While a 9-speed transmission might seem too much for the average driver, real car lovers or people who want to cover a lot of miles will find this makes a real difference.

You can see these cars on sale later in 2013. If you are psyched about the idea of a 9-speed transmission, come see us at Suburban Chrysler Jeep of Ann Arbor so that we can get you in line for a test drive.