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“Imported from Detroit” Slogan is Here to Stay

Eminem is the spokes men for Imported from Detroit campaign

The Chrysler “Imported from Detroit” slogan is here to stay. The tagline, adopted by the brand in 2011, has recently been subject to rumors that the company is retiring it. Here at Suburban Chrysler Jeep of Ann Arbor we put the rumors to rest as we continue to keep you current on relevant auto trends.

The Latest Slogan News

“‘Imported from Detroit’ is and will continue to be the tagline for the Chrysler brand,” said Olivier Francois, the company’s chief marketing officer, in a recent statement. The quality brand revealed the tagline at the 2011 Super Bowl, during the “Bon Fire” commercial. The commercial was for the updated Chrysler 200 sedan.

How the Confusion Began

Rumors began to circulate that Chrysler was squashing the tagline when it released additional commercials that feature other US cities. For example, one commercial, starring US rapper and producer Dr. Dre, uses the backdrop of Los Angeles. When the company next released a New York-based commercial, rumors began that mentions of other cities meant the brand was shifting from its Detroit focus.

Chrysler Dismisses the Rumors

Francois assures the public that the Chrysler “Imported from Detroit” slogan is here to stay. He explained in a recent statement that the marketing campaign branched out to different cityscapes to evolve, rather than drift away, from the Detroit concept.

The marketing campaign highlights US-based cities to illustrate that quality vehicles do manufacture right here in the United States, according to Francois. Consumers need not head overseas to get the vehicles and parts they need. “Quality, style and technology… can be found right here,” said Francois.

Here at Suburban Chrysler Jeep of Ann Arbor, we stand behind the Chrysler theme that we can meet your vehicle needs right here in the US. We help people in Ann Arbor, Detroit, and Pinckney every day. Our dealership carries several new and used vehicles, and a top-notch auto repair and service center to satisfy your auto-related needs, without the need to head outside the local area.


Proper Car Seat Installation Guide

Proper Car Seat Installation Guide

Suburban Chrysler Jeep of Ann Arbor cares for your kids. To be sure your kids’ car seats are installed properly we offer you this handy guide. Like you, there are no lengths to which we will not go to protect your precious cargo.

Infant car seats

With small babies, car seats should be rear facing until the age of 12 months at least. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration recommends a rear facing seat until the child is three, or reaches the height and weight recommendations of the seat. Read the car seat manual. Follow the installation directions. If you have misplaced these directions, most manufactures will offer online downloads of their manuals.

Be sure the seat belts run through the appropriate locations flat, without a twist or spiral. Use the harness clip that comes with the seat to properly position the seat belt across your child’s chest. This clip should line up with your baby’s shoulders or armpits.

No more than a finger’s width should fit between the tightened belt and the child. Be sure the carrier handle is folded back out of the carrier position. You’ll hear a click when it is in place, and the handle will not move. Consult your car seat manual for specific instructions for your child’s seat.

Use a locking clip when installing the seat in an older model car. These clips come with the seat and hold the seat belt together creating a fixed length. It should be affixed about an inch from the latch.

Kids four years and up

Car seats face forward for older children. Note the weight and height limit of the older child’s car seat. Place the car seat in the back seat. The middle seat is typically the best spot, but any of the back seats are safe. Notice the positioning of the seat belt and harness straps.

It will look different than when your child was rear facing. The seat itself will have a spot where the seat belt is slipped through a hole in back. As in the infant seat, the older child’s car seat should not wobble or move but be fixed into position, allowing no more than an inch play in movement.

If you have LATCH anchors in your newer model car, installation is easy. Simply hook the car seat to the vehicle with the straps that come with the car seat. They will anchor firmly to the metal latches found in the back seat.